Saturday, 23 November 2013

Testing The Law of Attraction

image of autumn tree

Some of you may be sceptical, when it comes to using the Law of Attraction to bring things into your life.  As I've said before, unless you truly believe you can attract something, you won't get it and this will further fuel your disbelief.

If you are starting to think that there may be something in this, after all, then you can begin testing the Law of Attraction. To do this, you ask for something small, such as a 20 pence piece. Imagine that you are going to find this 20p on a pavement. Picture it in your mind, just lying there, waiting for you to find it. The clearer you picture it, the more likely it is to manifest quicker. Once you have done this for a few minutes, know that you will find it. You can give the Universe a time limit, but when you first start it is enough just to imagine it and know you will get it.

The next part is very important - forget about it. Once you have spent some time imagining it and knowing you will receive it, forget about it.

When I first did this, I was surprised at how quickly it worked. When I saw it on the pavement, I realized that I'd manifested it, but I had forgotten all about it until I saw it glistening in the sunlight.

You can do this with anything. The more you do this with small things, the more you will start to believe in this spiritual law and you will then be able to ask for the things you want, but didn't think you could have.

The universe doesn't judge you. It is just as easy for the Universe to send you £200 as it is for it to send you 20p; but, as most people don't think think they will be given £200 out of thin air, they only tend to expect smaller rewards.

Have a go and see what happens. It is important that you believe it will happen and that you don't keep thinking about it for too long - forget about it and let the Universe do its work.

I would love to hear how you get on.

Take care,

Love Mochira x

Monday, 4 November 2013

How does an Eclipse affect us?


It all depends on whether or not you believe in astrology, but I believe that eclipses can affect us all on some level.

Astrologers believe that eclipses are very powerful planetary events that signify big changes. These changes can be ones we initiate ourselves; however, a lot of the time they are unexpected changes that are thrust upon us to force us to take a look at our lives.

If you are following your true path, then an eclipse will probably not cause too many issues for you, but you may still find yourself being asked to help others who have been affected by an eclipse.

If you have been fighting changes that you know will be better for you, but you are too scared to make them, an eclipse can sometimes make those changes for you. For example, if you've been stuck in a soul-destroying job that you only do because you need the money and you'd really like to set up your own business helping others, an eclipse can often lead to you losing this job, giving you the opportunity to set up your own business. So, while this may seem like the end of the world at the time, it can lead to a better future.

There was an eclipse in Scorpio yesterday. If you are a Scorpio or have a Scorpio ascendant, then you will probably feel this eclipse more than most. Fortunately, this eclipse had lots of positive planets involved and so there should be some positive changes coming up in your future.


Mochira x