Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Cosmic Ordering and the Law of Attraction

Hi all,

I am currently half way through my first mini-book, which will summarize what cosmic ordering is and how you can use it to make life better for yourself and others.

I have had some success with cosmic ordering, yet there have been other times when it hasn't worked. I have detailed the things I did when it worked well and things I did, or didn't do, when things didn't work out so well.

Cosmic ordering is linked to the Law of Attraction, which states that what you focus on becomes your reality. I find this principle really strange to comprehend because, if this is true, then everything I have in my life right now is a result of what I've been focusing on.

This law states that if you concentrate on negative things, then it can seem like nothing is going right. This is because you get more of the same. One of the best ways you can try to turn your life around, when things are going downhill, is to stop focusing on your problems, for a while, and do something you enjoy to take your mind off them and to try and get your mind in a more positive state to help attract more positive experiences. A good way to do this is to make a list of ten things that make you happy and aim to do at least one of them every day.

I will be speaking more about these two subjects in the future, but, for now, I'll leave you to think about what I've said.


Mochira x

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Soul Friends

Hi all,

I just wanted to discuss the idea of chance meetings. 2012 has been a very unusual year for me; I have always had strong intuition, but this year has surpassed anything that has gone before.

So many things have happened, both to me and my friends. It seems that everyone I know has had their lives dramatically overturned in some way from breakdowns in relationships to births and house moves.
Another thing I've noticed this year is the amount of chance meetings I've had that have led to some great friendships.

Earlier this year, a new girl came to work in the same office as me and, although our job-roles had nothing to do with writing, it became apparent that my colleague was also a writer and was involved in writing screenplays. It seemed strange to me that we should both meet in a place that didn't usually attract writers! I knew instantly that she was going to be a good friend and she said she felt the same way too.

Another thing happened to me this week. I was offered a place on a course at very short notice (the day before!) and I was actually free to attend (which is unusual for me!) and it was at this course that I met another girl who I got on with instantly. She, like myself, is very interested in all things New Age and spiritual and we are also going to keep in touch.

I just wanted to let you all know that sometimes we can meet someone and get on with them instantly and that this can happen in the most ordinary places. In future, be aware of when this is happening because I believe that these meetings are meant to be and that these people have turned up in our lives for a reason. The same can be said for romantic relationships and those love-at-first-sight incidents, when we just know we've found someone special.

Keep your eyes open, guys.


Mochira x

Friday, 14 September 2012

angel book update

Hi all,

I have now taken down my angels ebook from every publishing site, although I believe there are still copies floating around the internet in various guises! I took it down because, although it was popular with most people, it seemed a lot of Christians were taking offence to it and as I consider myself to be a Christian (albeit with an interest in spirituality in general, particularly New Age thinking) I felt it best to take it down, as it is not my intention to cause upset to anybody. I know you can't please everyone all of the time, but in this instance I went with my conscience and unpublished it. I think one of the main issues was bookstores categorizing it under religion and Christianity, when it should really have been listed as New Age or Spirituality.

I am now working on a selection of other books, which range from cosmic ordering right up to using your mind to improve your life, for example NLP. I will be releasing them gradually; however, I wish to have more than one ready before I publish.

That's it for my updates.  Bye for now.


Mochira x

Amazing mind

Hi all,

I am in the process of writing some mini guide books, some of which involve using your mind to improve your life. I just wanted to give you some idea of how powerful your subconscious mind is, so I wrote this blog post.

I have named my blog "Mochira's Closet" because there is something about the word "closet" that invokes a sense of mystery. We wonder what is behind the closet and it's like we are sharing secrets. This is exactly the image I wanted to put across, as my blog will predominately deal with the mysteries of the Universe and our minds.

We can compare our subconscious minds to a closet. We are using our conscious minds when we are fully aware of what we are doing, for example, calculating a sum. If we imagine our bedrooms, then our conscious mind is everything we can see and are aware of in our room, such as a bed and our window. The subconscious mind, then, is everything inside our closet; things that are generally hidden from our conscious mind, until we open the closet because we wan't to access some of the information that we've stored in our subconscious.

All of our experiences from this life (and if you believe in reincarnation, from other lives) are stored in our subconcious closets. Some of these experiences, we might never recall again. Have you ever smelled some perfume or heard a song on the radio from years gone by and been reminded of a childhood experience? This is one of the ways we can suddenly access something that's been stored away for years. Another way we can access these memories is through hypnosis.

Our mind will always remember high-impact memories, such as a traumatic event. I bet that a lot of you will remember what you were doing on 9/11 or when Princess Diana died. This is because the experience had a huge emotional impact, whether you were close to the action, or not. Other emotional things you'll always be able to recall (unless you are unfortunate enough to become a dementia sufferer) are moments of great emotional joy, such as the birth of your first child (although you probably won't remember the pain!) or your wedding day.

Other memories can be too traumatic to recall and these are often stored away so far back in our closets that it is very difficult to recall them without the help of a skilled psychotherapist. Examples are experiences of abuse or other upsetting experiences. Hiding these memories away doesn't make them go away completely. They will remain in the subconscious and can manifest themselves in phobias, physical illness or mental illness. It is important that, if you are suffering from any previous bad experiences, that you arrange an appointment with a professional who can help you deal with these harmful memories, so that you can heal and get on with the rest of your life.

The subconcious is also where our dreams take place and we can get an insight into ways to improve our lives by interpreting dream symbols. My book, "Between the lines" contains a dictionary of signs, which includes a section on interpreting dreams. We can also access the subconscious through meditation. I could write a whole book on the subconscious itself, so I will end now by letting you know that I have only skimmed the surface, here. The subconscious mind is very powerful and by learning more about it and making use of it, you can achieve some extraordinary things.  I will, of course, be letting you know more about these things in this blog and my ebooks.


Mochira x