Friday, 14 September 2012

angel book update

Hi all,

I have now taken down my angels ebook from every publishing site, although I believe there are still copies floating around the internet in various guises! I took it down because, although it was popular with most people, it seemed a lot of Christians were taking offence to it and as I consider myself to be a Christian (albeit with an interest in spirituality in general, particularly New Age thinking) I felt it best to take it down, as it is not my intention to cause upset to anybody. I know you can't please everyone all of the time, but in this instance I went with my conscience and unpublished it. I think one of the main issues was bookstores categorizing it under religion and Christianity, when it should really have been listed as New Age or Spirituality.

I am now working on a selection of other books, which range from cosmic ordering right up to using your mind to improve your life, for example NLP. I will be releasing them gradually; however, I wish to have more than one ready before I publish.

That's it for my updates.  Bye for now.


Mochira x