Saturday, 15 September 2012

Soul Friends

Hi all,

I just wanted to discuss the idea of chance meetings. 2012 has been a very unusual year for me; I have always had strong intuition, but this year has surpassed anything that has gone before.

So many things have happened, both to me and my friends. It seems that everyone I know has had their lives dramatically overturned in some way from breakdowns in relationships to births and house moves.
Another thing I've noticed this year is the amount of chance meetings I've had that have led to some great friendships.

Earlier this year, a new girl came to work in the same office as me and, although our job-roles had nothing to do with writing, it became apparent that my colleague was also a writer and was involved in writing screenplays. It seemed strange to me that we should both meet in a place that didn't usually attract writers! I knew instantly that she was going to be a good friend and she said she felt the same way too.

Another thing happened to me this week. I was offered a place on a course at very short notice (the day before!) and I was actually free to attend (which is unusual for me!) and it was at this course that I met another girl who I got on with instantly. She, like myself, is very interested in all things New Age and spiritual and we are also going to keep in touch.

I just wanted to let you all know that sometimes we can meet someone and get on with them instantly and that this can happen in the most ordinary places. In future, be aware of when this is happening because I believe that these meetings are meant to be and that these people have turned up in our lives for a reason. The same can be said for romantic relationships and those love-at-first-sight incidents, when we just know we've found someone special.

Keep your eyes open, guys.


Mochira x