Monday, 30 September 2013

Introduction To The Tarot


Today, I want to give you an overview of the tarot. I have always been interested in all forms of divination, particularly the tarot, from a young age; however, I have always felt a little bit scared of the tarot cards. I think this was because they used to have a reputation for being the devil's playthings!  I avoided them because of this, preferring to concentrate on angel cards or ordinary playing cards for divination purposes.

It was only when I attended a Mind, Body and Spirit fare with my mum and sister, that I realised that this wasn't true of the tarot at all. I sat in a workshop led by a very charismatic woman - she was brilliant. She was down to earth and dressed in a very smart business suit.  She opened the session by talking about the tarot's bad reputation. She said that the tarot was nothing to be scared of and it was purely a tool to help us listen to our intuition.

She told us that the best way to get started as a tarot reader, was to use our intuition and gut feeling when looking at each card. She said that, as it was a tool for our intuition, then we would get a gut feeling of what each card represented and we should do that before looking at the card's meaning in our tarot books.

One exciting part of the session was when she asked for four volunteers. My sister and I were one of the first to raise our hands and we were chosen to participate. We were asked to go to the front and take a tarot card. These cards were huge. We both took one and sat back in our seats. We were told not to look at them. The other two participants were a glamorous woman who was with her toddler and an older woman.

We were then asked to look at our cards and think about what it meant to us. My card was the lovers card. It made me feel happy to get this card. I saw it as a joyful card and, as I have been with my other half for almost 19 years, I saw it as a sign that I was in the right relationship for me. My sister got the tower. She said it made her feel like she was going to escape from a negative situation and break free of something that's been making her feel trapped.

Once we had all decided on our individual card's meaning we were told to go up and tell the rest of the room our impressions. The woman said that we were all right in our explanations. She also said that we all chose the cards that were meant for us and our current situation. It was amazing how accurate each card was for the people concerned.

I am going to be giving you more information on the most popular tarot cards over the coming weeks and I intend to put together a short tarot reading course too, for those of you who are interested in taking this further.

The tarot cards can be a great tool for connecting with your higher self, so don't be scared of any negative associations they may have. I certainly haven't had any bad luck since using them.


Saturday, 28 September 2013

The Astrological First House


I am going to be talking, over the coming weeks, about the astrological houses. As you may only be aware of the zodiac signs, I feel that teaching you more about the houses may be more interested and enlightening for you.

The first house, in astrology, is the ascendant. It is the house where your rising sign resides. Therefore, if you are a Leo and you have Cancer rising, the cancer will be your first house and Leo will  be your twelfth house.

The first house, in a person's natal chart, relates to the person themselves. It is their personality, their appearance, their likes, dislikes - their overall persona. A lot of astrologers believe that a person is more like their rising sign than any other aspect of their horoscope and, as the rising sign, is in the first house, this explains why.

If you have planets in your first house, they can affect the individual's personality or appearance or any other aspect to do with them as person. For example, I have three planets in my first house, but the most predominant planet (because it is almost directly on my ascendant) is Jupiter. This is considered to be the lucky planet. Therefore, because it is in my first house, it means I am considered to be a naturally lucky person. If Jupiter was in my fourth house then I would be lucky when it came to my home or property and if it was in my seventh house I would have a lot of luck when it came to relationships. I hope this explains a little better how planets in the first house work.

When looking at the first house, it is also important to look at what sign the first house is in. In this example, the first house is cancer, which means the person is likely to be very maternal, in touch with their feminine side and a home-body . If we link this with the person's sun sign, of Leo, we can see that the energetic, extrovert qualities of Leo may be toned down with the more laid-back qualities often present in Cancer.

If you want to understand more about what the transit of a planet means for you right now, you can see if there are any planets in your first house by using a transit app or by watching one of the astrology videos I mentioned. At the moment, I have saturn in my second house, which means that I am learning hard lessons about my self-worth, money and my sense of values. If you are a Libra, then this is also true for you right now.

As you may be starting to realise, astrology is a very in-depth subject, yet it can bring up some fascinating insights. Next time, I am going to be discussing the second house in more detail.


Mochira X

Thursday, 26 September 2013

NLP Speak


NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic-Programming. Neuro means the nervous system. linguistic refers to speech and programming refers to changing patterns of thinking.

As an NLP Practitioner, I often help clients change the way they think about things, using NLP techniques. Sometimes it isn't the situation we find ourselves in that is unbearable, it is the way we view the situation. For example, if we are out having a lovely picnic and it pours down with rain, we will start thinking negatively. We will hate the fact that it's decided to rain and ruin our nice day out. We will most likely curse the British weather (if you live in the UK, you will know what I mean!) and moan for the rest of the journey home. If you are a farmer, who has been worrying about his crops for two weeks, you may be dancing for joy!

The above example illustrates how the same event can cause two different reactions depending on how the person sees the situation. NLP can help those of us who struggle to see the positive side of situations.

As well as this, NLP is a useful tool when you want to communicate effectively with someone. It is particularly beneficial for sales people and those who want to build up a rapport with another person. Before I became aware of NLP, my employer sent me on a top sales course. It was very expensive and thought to be the one of the best sales courses in the UK. I learnt a lot on the course and it was only recently, when I qualified as an NLP Practitioner, that I realised most of the units on the course were based on NLP.

Listen carefully...

I am going to let you in on a little secret, used by those who know about NLP. You can build up a rapport with someone and get them on your side, just by listening to the words they use. Then you can match your words to theirs and you'll have more chance of closing a sale.

Visual - if the person says things like ' I see what you mean' or 'Iet's all take a look' or 'my view is'. Each of these phrases shows that the person is a visual person as they use words such as look, view and see.

Auditory - if the person says things like 'I hear what you're saying' or 'keep the noise down!' you will know they are an auditory person and you will work well with this person if you can match the tone, pace and loudness of your voice, to match theirs.

Kinaesthetic - if the person says 'I feel weird about this' or 'let's throw some ideas around' you will do best with this person if you use a lot of actions, gestures and use similar words.

It can be difficult, at first, to match the words of the other person without it looking obvious or contrived; however, with practice it will start to come naturally to you. I got more sales using these techniques than I ever did before, but it isn't just sales that can benefit from these techniques. If you've not been getting on with somebody, it may be because you are a visual person and they are an auditory person, for example. If you can start to match words to build a rapport with them, you may find your communication with this person improves dramatically.

Have fun with it.



Mochira X



Tuesday, 24 September 2013

The Law Of Attraction


I am a great fan of the Law of Attraction. For those of you who don't know about it, I am going to give you a brief overview.

The Law of Attraction is basically a natural, or spiritual law, that exists, whether or not we believe in it. It is like the law of gravity. We can't see it, but because it has been scientifically proven, we know it exists and we believe it.

Unlike the Law of gravity, the Law of Attraction hasn't been scientifically proven and therefore, some dispute its existence. Basically, the Law of Attraction states that what we focus on becomes our reality or like attracts like. This is all well and good if we are focusing on good things, but how many of you constantly focus on all of the negative things around you and worry about what may go wrong all the time.

If you do this, then the universe will bring you the same sorts of things that you are worrying about. If you constantly worry about how you're going to pay your bills, you will attract more of that negativity to you so that you find it increasingly harder to pay your bills in reality. If you want to use the Law of Attraction to your benefit, it would be better to think about having more than enough money to pay your bills each and every month. Imagine yourself smiling as you write out each cheque to your energy suppliers. Never begrudge paying any bill. Think about what having gas and electricity does for you. What would you do without it? You need power to cook, keep warm and for in-home entertainment. Think about how much you appreciate these things, the next time you pay the bill. These are the sorts of thoughts and feelings that the universe likes. The Law of Attraction is then more likely to send you more money to pay your bills because it knows you appreciate these things in your life.

Even if you don't believe in the Law of Attraction, it is still working. So isn't it better that you try to think positively?  That way, whether you believe in it or not, you are still giving yourself the chance to have a better quality of life. It is at work in all aspects of your life from relationships and career to money and other material goods. You can attract the things you want, if you learn how to use this spiritual law to its full effect. Cosmic Ordering has become popular lately and this is because it uses the Law of Attraction to help you get those things you dream of.

If you want to know more about the Law of Attraction then why not take a look at my ebook catalogue? I talk about it in most of my books because I've seen how powerful it is when used properly and I want to share the secret with you, so that you can also achieve your goals and live the life you deserve.


Mochira X

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Understanding self-development


Self-development or self-improvement has become very popular, lately. There are countless self-help books available and many internet gurus are emerging that aim to help people totally change their lives.

All of these things are great, but maybe you feel overwhelmed by the amount of resources available to you and you don't know where to start.

If you want to start improving yourself, then I suggest you firstly think about what aspect of yourself you'd like to change.  I believe that everybody is capable of achieving whatever it is they want to achieve. Anything is possible, if you believe it.

If you have read a lot of my previous work, you will know that I am passionate about the power of belief. Your beliefs are so important. If you believe something will happen, then it most likely will. Research has shown that patients who were given placebos instead of real medicine, made the same, or greater, improvements in their health than those patients who were given real medication. Doctors state that this was because those patients believe they were getting real medication. They expected to be cured and they were.

If you want to improve any aspect of yourself or your life, then it all starts with believing you can change and improve. There are many ways you can work on your self-development, from reading books to attending courses. You could work alongside a life coach, who will motivate you to make positive changes in your life, or you could watch self-development videos or listen to mp3s that aim to work on your subconscious mind, so improvements are made to your thoughts and belief system.

There is always something we can do to develop ourselves, whether it's learning a new language or attending assertiveness classes. Find out what it is that's holding you back and see if there is a book, course or other resource that will help you to do this. We should never stop learning - it keeps our brains active and gives us something to work for. We should all have goals that we're working towards as it gives us the motivation to get up in the morning.

Research has shown that people who retire often end up depressed or they experience a rapid decline in health. I think this is because they don't have any reason to get out of bed. Their job gave them something to do and, unless they replace this with something else, it is easy to get into a state of inertia.

Try not to do too much at once, find the most crucial area you feel needs developing or improving and work on that first. You will then have the confidence to move onto any other areas that you feel may be holding you back from achieving the life of your dreams.


How to use the Law of Attraction to find a partner




Hi there,

If you have read any of my books on The Law of Attraction, you will understand that I believe in its power to change your life. The Law of Attraction is real. It works, whether you believe it or not - just like gravity! The best thing to do is to make it work for you by making sure you only attract the best of what life has to offer you.

If you want to attract a partner, there are a few things you can do:

  • Focus on what you do want from a partner, not what you don't want!
  • Keep visualizing your perfect partner in your mind - what does he or she look like etc.
  • Ignore any negative self-talk or thoughts about you not deserving a decent partner.
  • Act as though you already have a partner - have you noticed you always get hit on more when you have a steady bf or gf?
  • Expect your partner to appear very soon.

One of the most crucial aspects of working with The Law of Attraction, is expectation - if you don't believe or expect your perfect partner to turn up, then it is likely that he or she won't. You need to believe that you can attract the partner of your dreams and you need to believe you deserve to have happiness.

These are just a few starting points to get you on the right track. If you want to know more, check out my eBook catalogue. I have written a couple of eBooks especially for those of you who have tried everything but still haven't found the love of your life.

The Law of Attraction may be the last piece of the puzzle - it may be the one thing that can help turn your life around. It doesn't matter if you are male, or female - The Law of Attraction is waiting for you right now. Why not take a look?


Mochira X

Friday, 20 September 2013

Introduction To Astrology for complete beginners


Astrology is more complicated than you may realise. If your knowledge of astrology is based on reading your horoscope in the daily newspapers, then you have a lot to learn!

A lot of people believe astrology is a load of old rubbish. They say that horoscopes are all made up and that it is impossible for everyone to have the same things happen to them. I can understand their point of view, based upon sun-sign astrology. Some of these horoscopes are unreliable and can give astrology, as a science, a bad name.

Astrology is more than just your sun-sign. The horoscopes in the newspapers are based upon where the sun was when you were born. Even if you don't believe in astrology, you most likely know what 'star-sign' you are.

If you want a more accurate astrological reading, you should find out what your moon and rising signs are. Your rising sign is the sign that was rising in the East, when you were born and the moon sign is the sign the moon was in, when you were born. If you then read your horoscopes for each of these signs, you will get a better, more accurate reading.

The Natal Chart

Another major part of astrology, is the preparation of natal, or birth charts. These contain some quite complex calculations and depict where every planet was, at the time of your birth. The chart is made up of a circle that is divided into twelve equal segments. These are called houses. The first house is the sign that was rising in the East. This is also called the rising sign, or the ascendant. The first house is you - it's your personality, your appearance and  how you appear to others. If your rising sign is Leo, for instance, you may be cheerful, bossy and have beautiful hair. Your moon sign is linked to your thoughts and has some connection to your mother. Your sun sign is the least important of these three signs in terms of daily horoscopes. It is recommended that, from now on, you read your rising sign first, then your moon sign and then your sun sign.

Astrology is a very complicated subject, but it is also very fascinating. If you look at some of the birth charts of famous people, past and present, you will be amazed at how accurate their birth charts are. Some famous people consult astrologers before making any major decisions, such is the accuracy of some of the planetary alignments.


When the planets move around the Zodiac, it affects each of us in different ways, depending on the position of planets in our natal charts. It can also affect us depending on the house the planet is occupying. At the moment, we are experiencing several rare planetary alignments that have the power to change society as we know it for now and into the future. I am a Libra, with Scorpio rising and Saturn (the great teacher) has been in Libra since 2009 and has now moved into Scorpio. I have been through some great upheavals during this time and my life has changed dramatically. When Saturn enters your sun, rising or moon sign, expect challenges. These challenges are sent to make us stronger, yet they can feel difficult when we are experiencing them directly.

On the other hand, I now have Jupiter (the lucky planet) in my career sector and I am therefore expecting lots of opportunities to open up for me, in this area.

If you are interested in learning more about astrology, there are several books available. I like to watch my monthly horoscopes on YouTube. There are lots of video astrologers on there; however, my favourites are Michele Knight, Scarletmoononline and Mrs Moreful. I also enjoy reading my monthly horoscope on Susan Miller's website. She is amazing and very accurate.

Good luck and enjoy!


Mochira X

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

What Is A Life Coach?




As a qualified Life Coach, I am often surprised when people ask me for all kinds of advice. Friends and family are the worst - they think that, because I am a trained Life Coach, that I automatically know how to help them make major life decisions. This is not what life coaching is all about. A life coach is someone who is trained to help people make their own decisions and make the best life choices based on the options available to them.

There are some who specialise in one life area such as career or relationships; however, I like to work with all areas of life. I believe that a person's life is better if all areas are balanced and I also believe that issues in one area can affect another. When I get a new client, the first thing I will do is to get them to fill in their personal details and a questionnaire based on what they want to achieve. I will then ask them to do certain tasks which will give me a good idea of where they are in their life and where they want to be. I can then put a plan together, in conjunction with my client, so that we can find the best ways to address any issues and formulate a plan, or goal, that the client can work towards.

Contrary to popular belief, life coaches are not allowed to give advice. In these times of compensation culture, it is partly down to avoiding the risk of being sued, but it is also because we want to encourage our client's to make the right decisions by themselves so that they can continue to do this independently in the future. Unlike counsellors or psychiatrists, a life coach's relationship with their client is likely to be a relatively short one, lasting a year at the most. I am not trained to 'cure' any underlying issues or trauma that a client may have. It is certainly not my job to deal with psychological problems or issues caused by abuse. These are best left to a qualified medical professional who is able to provide medication or other forms of treatment.

My job, as a life coach, is to motivate a person to achieve their goals. I like to use a variety of methods, from setting targets to utilising other tools such as NLP. A good life coach will help a client to stick to their goals and motivate them to keep going, when they feel like giving up. Sometimes people have things they want to achieve, but they lack the motivation to get started. If there is something you 'd like help with, or you are the sort of person who needs somebody to bounce ideas off, or to help you stick to a goal or decision, then you may want to consult a life coach. I am hoping to offer an online life coaching service, in the future but, for now, I suggest you look to see if there are any life coaches available for consultations in your local area. I'm sure you'll find it useful.

Love, Mochira X

Monday, 16 September 2013

Cosmic Ordering - How can I make it work for me?




If you have ready any of my eBooks, you will know that I believe in the power of Cosmic Ordering, and that it has worked for me several times over the past couple of years.

What exactly is Cosmic Ordering?

Cosmic Ordering is when you send an intention out into the universe and await its arrival. If you want a new car, for instance, then you would ask the universe for a new car. It isn't always this simple, though. There are a lot of things that can go wrong when you are doing a cosmic order. If you don't phrase it right, you may end up with something  similar to your original request, but not exactly what you wanted. If you are too desperate, then you may not even get your order at all.

It is important to avoid negatives when placing orders. If you say something like, 'I don't want to be overweight',  the universe will ignore the negative word and it will hear, 'I want to be overweight' and that is exactly what you'll get; so, if you already overweight then nothing will change. You should also put a date on it so that you know when you can expect your order to be delivered.

A lot of the time, we do manage to get exactly what we asked for. This can sometimes cause issues, because when we get what we want, we may be disappointed or there may be a catch.  I will give you an example - when I wanted a new job, I asked for something that will allow me to work in a team of friendly people; let me use my current skills and experience; that involved helping others and was run by an understanding boss who wasn't a bully. I asked for all of these things because I knew they were what I wanted in a work environment. I'd had previous jobs where I'd been well-paid, yet I found the work stressful and boring. These jobs were often made worse by female bosses who enjoyed undermining me.

I was excited to receive my order by my expected completion date and the job was everything I'd asked for but, there was a downside. The pay for the job was very low. I accepted the job on the condition that, after a three-month probationary period, the wages would increase to the going rate for that type of job. Unfortunately, this didn't happen and I ended up leaving. I then realised that I should have given money more importance when I'd placed my order. Sometimes, we don't think something is important, or we think the universe will understand that we need to be well-paid, but it doesn't always work like this.

The universe provides. Ask and you will receive. Be careful what you ask for, you might just receive it and realise it wasn't what you truly wanted.

If you want to find out more about Cosmic Ordering and how you can use it to improve all areas of your life, check out my eBook catalogue.


Mochira X


Saturday, 14 September 2013

Your Mind Explained - just what goes on inside your head?

I chose to study psychology for my degree, because I've always been interested in the power of the mind and I wanted to find out more.

I wanted to explain a little bit about the mind itself. The mind is thought to reside inside the brain and it is divided into two parts: the conscious mind and the subconscious mind.

The Conscious Mind

You use your conscious mind when you are concentrating on something, such as calculating a sum or doing a complicated puzzle. It is when you are fully aware of what you are doing and everything around you. Your conscious mind is at work during an emergency situation, when you need your wits about you.

It works mainly on logic and it likes to find explanations for things. If you thought you saw a ghost, for example, your conscious mind will try to rationalise this and come up with several realistic explanations. The conscious mind is at work when we learn new skills. Remember how hard it was when you first started learning to drive? Your conscious mind was working overtime, helping you to assimilate all of the information.

The Subconscious Mind

You don't know when you are using your subconscious mind; that is the difference.

Your subconscious mind is the mind that is at work when you are not aware of your surroundings. When you are asleep, your subconscious mind brings you dreams. It is also at work when you are in a meditative state or under hypnosis.

Your subconscious mind stores all of your memories because there isn't enough room in your conscious mind. These memories are buried deep, yet they can be accessed during hypnosis, or if something occurs that triggers a memory, such as a certain smell, for instance.

Your subconscious mind is the part of your mind that can have positive or negative effects on your life, depending on the beliefs that are stored inside. Read my post on removing limiting beliefs for more information about this.

The Higher Mind

Although this is not strictly a part of your mind itself, it is something that can be accessed via your subconscious mind. The Higher Mind is thought to consist of the unconscious thoughts of humanity, past and present. It is often known as the collective unconscious and it is believed that it is the source of wisdom. The Higher Mind can be accessed during meditation. Some very spiritual people believe that the higher mind can allow connection with God. During meditation some people can receive messages or insights that can help them to resolve problems in their lives and this is often because they have connected with the higher mind, or a higher power for answers.

All of this may sound complicated; however, it is the subconscious mind that I am most concerned with. I believe that it is highly powerful and, when trained properly, can help you to achieve your biggest dreams. I will write more in future posts. I hope this has explained how your mind works and that you found it useful.



Mochira X

Removing Limiting Beliefs to improve your life.


When I talked about the power of thought, in a previous post, I mentioned that it was a long, complicated topic, which needed a lot more than just one post.

I am going to be talking to you, today, about limiting beliefs. You may not be aware of it, but there are negative beliefs stored in your subconscious mind.

These negative beliefs can undermine anything you try to do, without you even knowing. Negative beliefs are also known as limiting beliefs, because they limit your opportunities.

How are limiting beliefs formed?

When you are younger, you are inexperienced and rely on those in authority to teach you what's right and wrong. Unfortunately, your young mind is like a sponge; it soaks up everything it can - this includes negative words and situations.

I will give you an example, to explain this further. Perhaps, when you were at school, a teacher told you that 'you're such a stupid child!'. Although this doesn't happen today, it did happen in the 70s and 80s. Hearing that would have made you feel bad. If you had then gone home and your parents said something similar, you would then start to think you were stupid. Even though you are now an adult and don't remember this part of your life, as much, this limiting belief will have been stored in your subconscious and it will be continuing to have a negative effect on your life. Perhaps you don't apply for jobs that you would be perfect for, because deep down inside, you still feel stupid. Maybe you have issues with authority and prefer to work for yourself. These are just some of the ways that something that happened as a child can affect your life today.

Limiting beliefs can also be formed when you soak up impressions from your surroundings. Perhaps, as a child, you saw your parents constantly argueing, and although you weren't entirely sure what they were argueing about, you often heard the word 'money' mentioned. This may have caused you to have negative beliefs about money. Now you're an adult, you may have a limiting belief that money is bad or that you can't have a good relationship unless you have a lot of money. It is strange how the mind can work.

How can I get rid of my limiting beliefs?

If you think that there are limiting beliefs affecting your life, today, then there are ways you can try to get rid of them. We are all human and therefore, it is likely that most of you reading this do have some underlying issue that can be resolved.

One of the first things to do is to look at your current life situation. Is there anything you're not happy with? Do you keep repeating the same patterns over and over? Do you keep telling yourself you're not good enough or do you find yourself thinking other negative thoughts throughout your day?

Get a piece of paper and write down everything you're not happy with and any repeating patterns in your life, including negative thoughts that you have about yourself or situations. For example, if you keep telling yourself that 'people can't be trusted' it is likely that you find yourself meeting people who aren't trustworthy. You need to break this pattern and change this belief.

To do this, you will need to change the negative belief into a positive affirmation. So, instead of thinking  'people can't be trusted' change this to 'People can be trusted'. Say this to yourself several times a day, or write it down somewhere prominent and look at it as often as you can.

You can also try meditation. I will be talking about this more in future posts but, clearing your mind for even a few minutes a day, can help to clear a lot of worries and negative thoughts out of your mind.

I like to use subliminal videos to clear my blockages. This is because, the best way to change your underlying beliefs, is to try to get positive affirmations into your subconscious without the conscious interfering. If you keep telling yourself that 'I am rich', your conscious mind will know that it isn't true, if you aren't rich, and will attempt to block your attempts at changing your thought patterns. Using subliminal videos can help counteract this.

I am embedding a video that I use regularly. Give it a go. It is essential that you use headphones for this as it uses binaural beats, which help you get into a meditative state, which is the best state to be in when trying to work with the subsconscious.

I hope this help and l look forward to hearing from you if you have any positive changes in your life, after doing these exercises.

Click on this link to access your free subliminal video

Free Subliminal Training Video



Mochira X


Wednesday, 11 September 2013

The Power Of Thought on your life


Hi Guys,

I want to speak to you today, about the power of thought. You may not be aware of it, but everything you have in your life right now, was brought to you by the power of your thoughts.

This may sound strange, but it's true. It's quite a lengthy, complicated subject to talk about in one blog post and so I will be writing many more posts on this subject, so that you understand it better; however, for now, I want to give you an overview of just how powerful your thoughts are. If you are constantly thinking negative things, such as 'I never have enough money' or 'I'm too fat to get a boyfriend' then this is what will happen to you in reality. This becomes a vicious circle as you then have 'proof' that your thoughts were right.

The next time you find yourself thinking something negative, I suggest you turn it around into a positive statement, which is sometimes referred to as a positive affirmation. So, if you find yourself thinking, or telling somebody, that you never have enough money, change the thought to 'I always have more than enough money'. You will probably feel strange doing this, because you know that it isn't true, but by doing this regularly, you will start to see some positive changes happening in your life.

I am going to be writing many more articles on this topic but, for now, I just wanted to give you an overview. If there is one thing you can do to start improving your life, it's turning negative thoughts into positive affirmations.

I would love to hear how you get on with this. I enjoy reading positive and uplifting stories and I encourage you all to share your experiences on this website - just add a comment!

I will leave it here for now and I will be back soon with some more self-help goodies!

Take care.



Mochira X