Saturday, 28 September 2013

The Astrological First House


I am going to be talking, over the coming weeks, about the astrological houses. As you may only be aware of the zodiac signs, I feel that teaching you more about the houses may be more interested and enlightening for you.

The first house, in astrology, is the ascendant. It is the house where your rising sign resides. Therefore, if you are a Leo and you have Cancer rising, the cancer will be your first house and Leo will  be your twelfth house.

The first house, in a person's natal chart, relates to the person themselves. It is their personality, their appearance, their likes, dislikes - their overall persona. A lot of astrologers believe that a person is more like their rising sign than any other aspect of their horoscope and, as the rising sign, is in the first house, this explains why.

If you have planets in your first house, they can affect the individual's personality or appearance or any other aspect to do with them as person. For example, I have three planets in my first house, but the most predominant planet (because it is almost directly on my ascendant) is Jupiter. This is considered to be the lucky planet. Therefore, because it is in my first house, it means I am considered to be a naturally lucky person. If Jupiter was in my fourth house then I would be lucky when it came to my home or property and if it was in my seventh house I would have a lot of luck when it came to relationships. I hope this explains a little better how planets in the first house work.

When looking at the first house, it is also important to look at what sign the first house is in. In this example, the first house is cancer, which means the person is likely to be very maternal, in touch with their feminine side and a home-body . If we link this with the person's sun sign, of Leo, we can see that the energetic, extrovert qualities of Leo may be toned down with the more laid-back qualities often present in Cancer.

If you want to understand more about what the transit of a planet means for you right now, you can see if there are any planets in your first house by using a transit app or by watching one of the astrology videos I mentioned. At the moment, I have saturn in my second house, which means that I am learning hard lessons about my self-worth, money and my sense of values. If you are a Libra, then this is also true for you right now.

As you may be starting to realise, astrology is a very in-depth subject, yet it can bring up some fascinating insights. Next time, I am going to be discussing the second house in more detail.


Mochira X