Monday, 16 September 2013

Cosmic Ordering - How can I make it work for me?




If you have ready any of my eBooks, you will know that I believe in the power of Cosmic Ordering, and that it has worked for me several times over the past couple of years.

What exactly is Cosmic Ordering?

Cosmic Ordering is when you send an intention out into the universe and await its arrival. If you want a new car, for instance, then you would ask the universe for a new car. It isn't always this simple, though. There are a lot of things that can go wrong when you are doing a cosmic order. If you don't phrase it right, you may end up with something  similar to your original request, but not exactly what you wanted. If you are too desperate, then you may not even get your order at all.

It is important to avoid negatives when placing orders. If you say something like, 'I don't want to be overweight',  the universe will ignore the negative word and it will hear, 'I want to be overweight' and that is exactly what you'll get; so, if you already overweight then nothing will change. You should also put a date on it so that you know when you can expect your order to be delivered.

A lot of the time, we do manage to get exactly what we asked for. This can sometimes cause issues, because when we get what we want, we may be disappointed or there may be a catch.  I will give you an example - when I wanted a new job, I asked for something that will allow me to work in a team of friendly people; let me use my current skills and experience; that involved helping others and was run by an understanding boss who wasn't a bully. I asked for all of these things because I knew they were what I wanted in a work environment. I'd had previous jobs where I'd been well-paid, yet I found the work stressful and boring. These jobs were often made worse by female bosses who enjoyed undermining me.

I was excited to receive my order by my expected completion date and the job was everything I'd asked for but, there was a downside. The pay for the job was very low. I accepted the job on the condition that, after a three-month probationary period, the wages would increase to the going rate for that type of job. Unfortunately, this didn't happen and I ended up leaving. I then realised that I should have given money more importance when I'd placed my order. Sometimes, we don't think something is important, or we think the universe will understand that we need to be well-paid, but it doesn't always work like this.

The universe provides. Ask and you will receive. Be careful what you ask for, you might just receive it and realise it wasn't what you truly wanted.

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Mochira X