Friday, 20 September 2013

Introduction To Astrology for complete beginners


Astrology is more complicated than you may realise. If your knowledge of astrology is based on reading your horoscope in the daily newspapers, then you have a lot to learn!

A lot of people believe astrology is a load of old rubbish. They say that horoscopes are all made up and that it is impossible for everyone to have the same things happen to them. I can understand their point of view, based upon sun-sign astrology. Some of these horoscopes are unreliable and can give astrology, as a science, a bad name.

Astrology is more than just your sun-sign. The horoscopes in the newspapers are based upon where the sun was when you were born. Even if you don't believe in astrology, you most likely know what 'star-sign' you are.

If you want a more accurate astrological reading, you should find out what your moon and rising signs are. Your rising sign is the sign that was rising in the East, when you were born and the moon sign is the sign the moon was in, when you were born. If you then read your horoscopes for each of these signs, you will get a better, more accurate reading.

The Natal Chart

Another major part of astrology, is the preparation of natal, or birth charts. These contain some quite complex calculations and depict where every planet was, at the time of your birth. The chart is made up of a circle that is divided into twelve equal segments. These are called houses. The first house is the sign that was rising in the East. This is also called the rising sign, or the ascendant. The first house is you - it's your personality, your appearance and  how you appear to others. If your rising sign is Leo, for instance, you may be cheerful, bossy and have beautiful hair. Your moon sign is linked to your thoughts and has some connection to your mother. Your sun sign is the least important of these three signs in terms of daily horoscopes. It is recommended that, from now on, you read your rising sign first, then your moon sign and then your sun sign.

Astrology is a very complicated subject, but it is also very fascinating. If you look at some of the birth charts of famous people, past and present, you will be amazed at how accurate their birth charts are. Some famous people consult astrologers before making any major decisions, such is the accuracy of some of the planetary alignments.


When the planets move around the Zodiac, it affects each of us in different ways, depending on the position of planets in our natal charts. It can also affect us depending on the house the planet is occupying. At the moment, we are experiencing several rare planetary alignments that have the power to change society as we know it for now and into the future. I am a Libra, with Scorpio rising and Saturn (the great teacher) has been in Libra since 2009 and has now moved into Scorpio. I have been through some great upheavals during this time and my life has changed dramatically. When Saturn enters your sun, rising or moon sign, expect challenges. These challenges are sent to make us stronger, yet they can feel difficult when we are experiencing them directly.

On the other hand, I now have Jupiter (the lucky planet) in my career sector and I am therefore expecting lots of opportunities to open up for me, in this area.

If you are interested in learning more about astrology, there are several books available. I like to watch my monthly horoscopes on YouTube. There are lots of video astrologers on there; however, my favourites are Michele Knight, Scarletmoononline and Mrs Moreful. I also enjoy reading my monthly horoscope on Susan Miller's website. She is amazing and very accurate.

Good luck and enjoy!


Mochira X