Sunday, 19 August 2012

Free Angels Book

Hi guys,

Just to let you know that I have now unpublished my free angels ebook from Amazon as they wanted to charge UK readers 77p and US readers $0.99. When I asked them to make it free they said that they could charge what they wanted and didn't have to do this. It was free for a while but they decided to change the price for it and as I wasn't happy with charging people for an ebook that is free on other platforms I have now unpublished it. You can still get this book free from Smashwords, itunes, Barnes and Noble and a variety of other online retailers. If you do have a copy, please feel free to distribute it amongst your friends.
If you have been charged for the ebook and didn't realise, then I apologise. I only got back from holiday yesterday and hadn't realised my book was no longer free on Amazon.

You can still get my other book "Between the Lines -reading signs from the Universe" from Amazon and the other platforms mentioned above.

I hope you enjoy the ebooks and find them inspirational.


Mochira x