Friday, 10 August 2012

I'm back!

Hi guys,

I've decided, after a period of rest, relaxation and dabbling in new career options, to come back to what I love the most - writing and helping others to reach their health, fitness and spiritual goals.

I am going to be revising my unpublished books and re-releasing them again. I have had some lovely emails from people who were disappointed that my books were no longer available and  this has given me the incentive to go for it again!

I will still be giving away my angels book for free as I believe that everyone should be able to learn about how wonderful angels are without having to pay the high prices that some angel books are sold for.

I will also be releasing regular newsletters to those people who sign up for them. Included in these, will be details of any new releases, life coaching and self-development articles and free gifts.
I will be doing all of this when I get back from my holiday. 

I am setting up a new blog as I deleted my old one, and so it still needs a lot of work, so please bear with me over the coming months. I've recently updated my web design skills so hopefully it won't be too long!
I am so happy to be back and I look forward to engaging with you all again over the next few months.


Mochira x