Friday, 4 October 2013

Introduction to the Tarot - The Fool Card


I mentioned in my last post that, when you start learning how to read the tarot cards, you should, first of all, take a good look at the card and listen to your intuition – how does the card make you feel? Tarot is an intuitive divination tool and your first impressions and intuitive feelings are important. When you have done this, take a look at the meaning given in the accompanying guide. More often than not, you will find that your initial impression was spot on.

When I first started learning tarot, I used my intuition to interpret the meaning of each major arcana card. My first intuitive impression of the fool was of somebody who is foolish, but not because they are stupid in any way. I interpreted it as being somebody who doesn’t look before they leap – they are impulsive, full of life and quite childlike in their excitement and passion for life. You may think the same, when you hold the fool card and use your intuition to help you interpret its meaning.

The traditional meaning of the Fool Card in the Tarot

I was amazed at how accurate my first impression of the fool card was. It is traditionally somebody who is back at square one (which is why the card is traditionally numbered 0) and they are ready to start a new adventure – whether it is getting a new job, travelling or buying a house. The person is excited to be given a fresh start and is looking forward to an adventure; however, their childish excitement may lead to a downfall if they rush into things too quickly without weighing up their options. This is exactly what I meant by the person not looking before they leaped!


I hope this has given you a better idea of what the fool card means and how accurate your intuition can be when learning each card for the first time. The fool is ready for adventure; eager and enthusiastic they have everything they need to start afresh, but they need to make sure they’ve weighed up all their options and undertaken a risk assessment before making their final decision.

Join me next time when I look at the next card in the major arcana –the magician. If you are using my posts to learn how to read tarot, why not use your intuition to think about what the magician card may mean, before my next post.


Mochira x