Wednesday, 16 October 2013

NLP - The Eyes Have It!


I have already told you how listening to the words people say can help you build rapport with them, but there is a lot more to NLP than this.  NLP is a great tool for salespeople – I know; I’ve been there. It worked for me and it can work for you, too. You don’t even have to be in sales to benefit from using NLP. It can improve your communication skills and the way you relate to others, which can lead to all sorts of opportunities opening up for you.

I am going to show you an NLP trick, which is great for public speakers, as you can get an idea of what people are thinking, just by looking at their eyes. This isn’t always a hundred per cent accurate, though, as the results are reversed if a person is left-handed and, if you are stood in front of a room full of strangers, you won’t know which of them are left-handed.

Anyway, here it is…

What the position of someone’s eyes means


Eyes looking up and to their left – they are remembering a picture or playing a scene in their head.

Eyes looking up and to their right – they are creating a picture in their head - imagining how something might look.

Eyes looking horizontally to their left—they are remembering a sound/conversation

Eyes looking horizontally to their right – they are imagining a sound in their head.

Eyes looking down and to their right—they are accessing their emotions

Eyes looking down and to their left --- they are indulging in self-talk


Now that you know what these mean, you can change your tactics if you are involved in a sales meeting or presentation. If you see everyone’s eyes moving up and to their right (your left) then this could be a sign that your sales pitch is working as the person is most likely picturing the product and how they can use it. If you see then looking up and to their left (your right) then they may be daydreaming and you may consider using another strategy.

I hope this has helped. NLP is a great toolkit for understanding people and improving your communication skills and I would recommend you look into the subject further, if you feel it will benefit you, too. I will be updating this blog with useful posts on NLP, so keep reading!


Mochira x