Saturday, 26 October 2013

New eBook released - The Little Book of Youthfulness


Hi all,

Just to let you know that I have published my little book of youthfulness today, on Amazon. I am also going to be publishing it on Smashwords so that it will be distributed to other online retailers, such as iTunes and Barnes and Noble, amongst others.

If you have already read my previous, now unpublished ebook, 'Staying Young', then please don't purchase my new ebook as it just focuses on using Mind Power to help with the anti-aging process and I haven't really added that much new information. As discussed in one of my previous posts, I decided to focus purely on mind power for this book, rather than going into depth with other, more commonly known, anti-aging methods.

I made this decision as I felt that the 'New Age' visualization aspect of the 'Staying Young' book, wasn't for everybody and may have put people off. My new eBook makes it clear that the anti-aging information contained inside is for those who have an open mind, shall we say!

If you haven't read my previous eBook, then you may with to buy a copy of my new eBook. Once it is published properly, I will be adding it to my eBook catalogue on this website. I believe that you can prevent, or even reverse, aging by using the power of your mind. It certainly hasn't done me any harm! People are always guessing my age as much younger than I really am and I feel great. I have lots of energy and I believe that optimism and enjoying life are also key factors in looking and feeling younger.

Take care,



Mochira x