Sunday, 6 October 2013

The Astrological Second House


The astrological second house is concerned with finances, wealth and the things we value; this includes our own sense of self-worth and how much we value ourselves.

There is a link between our sense of self-worth and the amount of money we earn. You have to believe in your own capabilities before you can expect to earn money for them. If you feel worthless and have nothing to offer, then that is what you’ll get back.

When planets are transiting your astrological second house, your finances, wealth and values will be activated. This can be either good or bad, depending on the planets that are in there and the aspects they are making to each other. For example, if you have Jupiter and Venus in a beneficial aspect, then you can expect some good luck in the areas of wealth, finances and values. If you have Saturn in your astrological second house, then this isn’t so good.  I will be talking more about the planets and the effects they can have on your life in later posts; however, Saturn is known as the strict teacher and disciplinarian of the Zodiac. It is Saturn’s job to teach us lessons and help us to grow – this usually happens by it subjecting us to challenging situations. It is like a strict parent, or teacher, in that it wants us to do things by ourselves, without any help, so that we become stronger and more independent.

Saturn in the second astrological house, therefore, means you will be tested in the areas of finance, wealth and sense of self value.  Every cloud has a silver lining though, and once Saturn has left the astrological second house, you are likely to be in a much better position than before it came to challenge you. It will make you take a good look at yourself, and your finances, and help you improve things in this area.

If you have a lot of planets in your astrological second house, in your natal chart, you can be sure that this house will be important for you; part of your destiny will be linked to the nature of this house and you can expect to have many life experiences revolving around finances, wealth or your sense of self-value.

One lesser meaning of this house is the sense of the other things you value, such as family, friends and other personal possessions; however, there are other astrological houses that place more importance on these things and therefore the astrological second house is usually linked to your values and the way you see yourself.

Saturn is currently in Scorpio. If you are a Libra (like myself) then Saturn is currently transiting your astrological second house and you may understand exactly what I’ve been talking about in this post. You may be going through a particularly challenging time right now, but you can rest assured that things will improve as Saturn gets ready to leave and you will be glad that it came to stay for the past couple of years.


Mochira x