Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Understanding Angels



Anyone who knows me or who has read my books will know exactly how strongly I believe in angels. Not everybody does, I know that, but there has been a noticeable increase in the amount of people who are admitting they too believe in angels. From actresses to politicians, there is no specific type of person who believes in angels – it is a matter of your own life experiences and religious beliefs.

You don’t have to be particularly religious to believe in angels; however, a lot of organised religions mention angels in their Holy texts and scriptures. They all share the common belief that angels are messengers of God and they’re here to help us grow as individuals and protect us as we do this. Angels are mentioned quite frequently in the Bible – the angel Gabriel being just one.

What are angels?

Angels are spiritual beings.  They live in Heaven alongside God, but they are able to come to Earth. They can be male or female, but some people believe they are asexual - they are neither male nor female because they are pure spirit. Angels are pure spirits that have never been, and will never become, human; although there have been many stories of them taking on human form to help someone in need. We all have a guardian angel who is with us from birth and who will continue to be with us until our time on Earth is done.  It is their job to protect us. They will step in to save us if we are in danger and it isn’t our time to die.

Why do angels want to help us?

Angels are holy; they live alongside God and, like God, they only want the best for us. They aren’t allowed to interfere in our lives as we have free will. Although we are destined to fulfil our life’s purpose, we are supposed to learn lessons as we go along. We learn more from failures than we do successes. Having said this, God and the angels want us to have a happy and fulfilling life, free from worry, and so, if you want life to run more smoothly, or you are having a really bad time, you can ask your angels for help. They are not allowed to interfere otherwise.

Why should I ask the angels for help and not God?

As I said earlier, angels are God’s helpers and messengers. You can ask the angels for help, or you can ask God – it is a matter of preference. God works in mysterious ways and if he feels the angels can help then I am sure that he will send angelic assistance to you.

How will I know if an angel is with me?

If you find a perfect white feather in an unusual place, then this is a sign that the angels have heard your request and are with you. If you find three white feathers in succession then you can be sure that your prayers have been heard and the angels are doing their best to help you with your problems. Sometimes, you may feel a brush against your cheek or smell beautiful roses. Some people report hearing heavenly music that they couldn’t explain, while others claim to have met an angel in human form. It is very rare that angels will appear in their traditional form; however, there have been some historical reports of angels appearing with wings. I can’t recall the exact story, but I seem to remember a historical account written by soldiers in the First World War, of an angel visitation that was witnessed by both sides.  I find angel encounters fascinating and I would love to hear from you if you have had an angel experience. I have had several and I have written some in my free eBook that you can download from


Mochira x